Saturday Challenge


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Red Alert throws out a Saturday Challenge to reach 20,000 members by the end of the day.  In 2015 one of the Admin team Keri Munns did this and recieved over 3,000 new members.

Red Alert prides itself with the job it is doing helping others sharing posts in a time of need, but needs the word spreed around the Facebook community to let others know we are here and what we do.  The group started in November 2014 and since has grown in strength by the help of its own members who all join together as a team to help the groups growth.  By throwing out a challenge to its members from time to time new members get added some will leave whilst others stay and join in the community sharing and helping others.

We thank all our members that join in adding new people, who take part in the fun of watching to see if we can reach the challenge target.





The Power Of Group Sharing

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The group and I have been asked why Red Alert Works.

An Idea cast from thought, simple easy to set up with step by step instructions.  A new group entering the realms of Facebook is born joining thousands already here.  At the click of a mouse that idea becomes reality.   There before your eyes live for all to see you wait in anticipation of interest.

With an easy concept to understand slowly and even unexpectedly you see the membership begin to grow.  As the group takes hold growing in strength you become aware that your idea is working and begin to question yourself why ?.

The answer has always been there, people like the idea, they like the concept of the group and its intentions.  But what makes this group so special ?, what makes Red Alert grow and expand in the manner and rate that we do ?.  

Again the answer is simple.  It works, and you the members of this group enable it to work.  Many will join a group obviously because of an interest in that group, others are added and stay because they become interested, and those who are not simply leave.  but it is you the members who make the group what it is, the idea was simply placed there for you to pick up on.

You will often see a post from me asking you to share the groups link or our promotional video, or even to add friends and family.  The message is given out for one reason, growth.  This group is based on the concept of sharing therefore the greater the membership the better the group works.  The more you share the larger the group becomes. because you and the power of your sharing are the group.

So there you have it the answer to why Red Alert works is simple its the power of sharing, hence our motto.  Sharing Is Caring  and long may you all do so.   Have a good week keep up the great work you have all been doing.  Best wishes Brian.

Red Alert






Red Alert Member Drive 2016

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It is great to see that the group has reach 17,000 members in just over a year.  With Red Alert now becoming a good avenue to post alerts in the UK we will continue to try and drive our membership this year with a view to doubling the current amount of members we now have.  

Although Admin do thier best to promote the group and gain new members it is the members themselves that play a big role by spreading the word about Red Alert and adding thier friends and family to the group.  

The Red Alert National Community works well as a team sharing alert posts across the UK on the Facebook media pages enabling a fast response direct to peoples home pages where others will view the posts and just maybe able to help with information to resolve any cases we have posted within the Red Alert group.

So this year we are asking our members to help spread the word about us too, by sharing our link on your home pages adding friends & family who you feel would like to be part of this caring group, and also telling people about us whilst out and about.

If you see this post and feel you would like to join us at Red Alert you can do so by clicking on the link to our group below.

Red Alert






Automobile Theft Warning


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Red Alert today is giving out a Warning to people who own a Automobile be it a Car or a Motorbike.  We are seeing a rise of thefts especial of Motorbikes recently and would like to advise people to please check the security of your owned vehicle.  It is all to easy for us to become complacent and think it will not happen to us but the theft does not care who you are, if they see an opportunity to take your property they will do so without worry or care about how it will effect you.

Though technology is making it harder for the thief to steel Cars it is becoming apparent that Motorbikes are being targeted more and more.  With recent events of several Motorbikes being stolen we would advise you re-look at the security of your vehicle and where possible seek professional advise as to what you can do as a measure to prevent you property from being stolen.

If you are a Motorbike rider or even just own one, Disc brake alarms and wheel chains would be advised, they are relatively cheap to buy and can give you the extra security needed to prevent the quick snatch and grab thief.  We would also advise if you have a Motorbike locked away in a shed or garage you also still apply the deterrent as people are finding Bikes stolen from withing a locked unit where they left them free of any extra security.

We all know that if a thief really wants your property they will get it whether alarmed or chained it will be lifted and gone, however by taking a few extra measures and a little more time to make sure your vehicle is secure this will stop the won’t to be Joe Blog on the street.

Red Alert





Red Alert Out & About


Last year the team from Red Alert attended a few functions promoting the group amongst the general public.  This year we would like to do the same again as we feel they were worthwhile doing as we were able to talk directly to the public and gained new members.

As we are a non profit making group that is totally run by volunteers on a Facebook media page.  This means that any attendance to functions comes directly out of the teams own pockets, therefore limited to the amount of functions we are able to attend.

However if anyone has a function this year who would like us to attend setting up our stall free of charge, such as school fetes or summer fairs. please feel free to contact the team we will do our utmost to be there.

As part of the promotion of Red Alert this year we are looking into holding a raffle to help cover the costs of leaflets, and promotional T Shirts. Again as we are a voluntary group with no income whatsoever, we will be looking into possible donations for raffle prizes, so if you own a business ‘or would like to personally donate a prize, such as dinner for two, beauty treatment, or even a small gift, please get in touch.

Should any member of Red Alert feel they would like to come along to a function and help support the team on the day we would be only to pleased to welcome you.  Any functions that we attend will be announced beforehand on Red Alert’

Finally, any company willing to help out with printing leaflets for free, we will happily put a ‘shout out’ on Red Alert thanking your company for its support. This will enable us to reach a wider audience at any function we attend.

If you can support us in any of the above ways, please contact any if the admin through the Red Alert Facebook group – find us by clicking on the link below.

Red Alert








A Year Of Hope


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With Red Alert now being in its second year with nearly 17,000 members, the teams hopes are that this year it will double its membership.  The National UK Facebook Group now post reguarly on a daily basis with new members joining daily too it has grown beyond expectations.  This year the team will be heading out again attending functions spreading the word about their group and explaining to the general public what they are about.

The group has an excellent administrative team all voluntarily giving up their time to insure the smooth running of the page, keeping recorded monthly files of results where possible to do so.  Members of the administrative team are also on hand to answer any query about Red Alert or if needed resolve issues with requested posts to the page.

Red Alert does not allow buying ,selling ,fund raising nor petitions on its page it is purely set up as a national community help group for lost or stolen property, missing people, wanted by the police, missing or stolen pets, or found items.  By posting on this Facebook media page it enables a quicker response across the country should such a post need to be shared.

If you would like to join Red Alert as a member becoming involved with this national community of people who care about others and help by sharing posts on their own media pages then please feel free to join us by clicking on the link below.  The link will take you to the Red Alert Facebook Page.

Red Alert